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FIFA Soccer 13 features two new gameplay modes: FIFA Ultimate Team and Career Mode. There are also multiple improvements to gameplay, such as smarter crowd interaction and the ability to score from crosses. The game will feature new player, manager and referee animations, with other improvements to the presentation of the game. Story Mode and Practice Mode have been further enhanced to take advantage of the Ultimate Team and Career modes. New and updated players have also been added, along with improved AI. FIFA 13 features a deeper and more detailed Story Mode than ever before, with new features including the ability to take control of your own player and to see how you and your teammates fare in game. There is also the new Referee Select feature, which lets you choose who officiates your game. Improved gameplay will allow you to score from crosses even if your teammate is tackled. Improvements to artificial intelligence in the goalkeeping department will let the goalkeeper play a much wider variety of balls and enable players to pass it to the open teammate. Better handling of the ball is another new feature, with players able to run out and play the ball to avoid pressure. Career Mode in FIFA 13 will also feature significant improvements, including improvements to the team engine and the ability to hire and fire new players and to better manage new signings. There are plenty of new features in Career Mode including the ability to: - Take control of your player, with the ability to see how you and your teammates fare in the game. - Fire and hire new players and managers, with the ability to select your best team in the game. - Select which referees to use for your games. - Edit the in-game settings for better control of the pitch and atmosphere. A more challenging and varied experience will also be provided by multiple new stadiums. FIFA 13 will also be the first FIFA title to feature a new referee system. The new system, dubbed Referee View, will allow you to see your ref from the perspective of your players and opponents. You can also choose the individual referees to officiate your games. All referees will have detailed stats and training logs. There are many new features and improvements in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team mode as well. New features include: - Players who have been inactive for a period of time can be loaned out to another club, while players who have been moved to a lower division will become free agents. - Scouts can be hired to help you find




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